Hot Version Vol. 84 DVD

Hot Version Vol. 84 DVD
Hot Version Vol. 84 DVD
Hot Version Vol. 84 DVD
Hot Version Vol. 84 DVD

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Hot Version Vol.84

You can't win just by speed. To find "something" beyond that ...

The strongest street machine is a machine that can attack any road surface or corner.
The tuners who have won for the ultimate have finally taken the seat of "Demon King" and gathered in the sacred place "Gunsai".

In the new tournament, battles suitable for the Grand Prix, such as maximum power vs. lightest weight, a gachinko match between VTECs, and a Mazda tuner confrontation, will be held from the first round.

Will there be a better machine than the defending demon king, RE Amemiya RX-7? With the addition of active GT driver Daisuke Ito to the driver lineup, the super-serious battle has begun to engrave a new legend!

DVD Is New Unsealed

Hot Version is actually a sub-series of Best Motoring, which reviews mostly new cars only, and unfortunately after the big tsunami in Japan back in 2011, and the giant financial breakdown afterwards, the company would soon close.

But before all that, Hot Version was set up specifically as a series led by Keiichi Tsuchiya, which would soon become a well-known video series in Japan as it uses aftermarket cars as their main characters.

And despite it’s parent company closing down, Hot Version relived as a series in order to broadcast the highlights of the drift competition ‘Drift Muscle’, which of course is set up by Keiichi Tsuchiya.

This series is set up by Keiichi Tsuchiya, that is why all of the casters are all professional racing drivers related to him. Manabu Orido, Nobuteru Taniguchi, Akira Ida, to name a few. They all race in the Super GT series in Japan and some of them even race in professional drifting series. That is why you would always see good quality driving and racing.

The style of car shows that we are used to are all like Top Gear, the camera would always face the driver/ presenter, and he would tell you how the car drives and so on, with some glamour shots of the car on the way.

The style of Hot Version is unique. They would put the camera above the shoulder of the driver, meaning that instead of looking at the driver all the time, they would let you see what the driver is doing, whether he made a cool drift, hit the apex perfectly, or made a right old mess of it. You can see all.

Not only that, they would sometimes put a pedal cam, that means you can see how professional drivers do heel-and-toe and clutch work. You can even learn from them by repeating they do, better than some YouTubers teaching you how to do those kind of things, that’s for sure.


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