HW Models Auctions

We are glad to announce that we will be moving our auctions over to an official website!
As you all know there are tons of people running auctions on various pages and this can be problematic to you the buyers, with unclear end times and arguments about who won what, and what times people put their bids in!
We are aiming to end all that and offer you the best experience whilst bidding on items. The website we will be running is 100% legit with official end times and proper email notifications when you have been outbid.
We are trying to take it away from Facebook to give you guys a more official way of bidding on the cars you want. We can also offer buyer protection as well.
We hope you can join us over at www.hwmodelsauctions.co.uk
Simply create an account, you can even register with your Facebook details.
Auctions will be starting next week and in time we will be opening the site up to other selected users allowing them to do their own auctions.


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